I Guarantee You'll Fall in Love with Cirque du Soleil – Here's Why

Nothing is what it seems and yet it’s exactly that. The stage is both a trampoline and a kingdom covered in snow. Suspended lamps above aren’t just chandeliers but acrobatic apparatuses. In the world of Alegría, a mystical story unfolds in a once-glorious kingdom, while Cirque du Soleil itself narrates a tale of perfection, discipline, and an unforgettable experience.

My friend, Anson, is the chef for Cirque du Soleil. For over 21 years, he’s been nurturing the crew’s wellbeing, starting his journey with the Alegría show. And to this day, the music from this show remains his favourite.

Brought to life by five musicians and two singers, the score blends electronic and rock sounds with acoustic and orchestral elements, including brass, strings, and accordion. This, combined with the acoustic design of the Royal Albert Hall, ensures every note resonates beautifully. Realise that every piece of music in a Cirque du Soleil show is original, bespoke, and sung in their unique, invented language. Listen carefully – your magical experience has just begun.

If you’ve never seen a Cirque Du Soleil show, you absolutely must see at least one in your lifetime. If not for the stunning acrobatic feats of Acro Poles, German Wheel, Trampoline Tracks, and breathtaking Flying Trapeze or the Snowstorm that takes you from spring to winter in one show, then for the set design, props, and lighting.

I absolutely adore how Cirque Du Soleil thinks about the show environment. For instance, the set of Alegría is an evocation of the architecture of power, both past and present. Inspired by handcrafted artistry and goldsmithing on a grand scale within a contemporary environment, it transforms the Big Top into the royal court of a timeless kingdom that has seen better days.

The stage is spread out on two levels separated by three steps to represent the hierarchy of power. The highest level symbolises the monarchy overlooking the royal court, while the lower level represents the street. The old king's throne, now missing parts and its former polish, stands at the top of the steps.

Suspended lamps above the stage double as chandeliers and acrobatic apparatuses. LED lights in several of the Crown's 64 branches create the illusion that light emanates from the Crown itself.

If you are a designers, this is a true feast for the eyes with bespoke costumes crafted for especially for the Alegría show. Designed to evoke a dusty kingdom in need of renewal and adding humanity to this imaginary universe, the costumes and makeup emphasise the artists’ natural shapes, facial features, and hair. You won't leave the show without your creative imagination sparked and a few ideas for your next runway project.

I fell in love with Cirque du Soleil over 15 years ago, and I believe you will too.

They visit London every January, so make sure to book your seat. Don't worry about getting cheaper seats, except for those with obstructed views due to columns. The Royal Albert Hall has a perfect setup for Cirque du Soleil's cleverly crafted shows; no matter where you sit, you'll see it all.

Last year, I was at the very top. This year, I was in a box. Next year, I'm gathering all my friends for a whole day out.

That’s it for now. The Alegría show is still running, and I suggest you book your tickets directly with Cirque Du Soleil at https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/alegria.

The Cirque of Credits
  • Ringmaster of Reflections: Victoria Hutton – The Architect of Narrative Wonders
  • Juggler of Words: Chat GPT – The Maestro of Linguistic Acrobatics