Finding My Voice

Despite what people tell me, I often find myself blushing over my accent, fretting about grammatical slips or the odd misstep in word choice when speaking English. But, as luck would have it, AI swooped in like a grammatical superhero once again.

Recently, I received an invite to grace "The Expat Pod" podcast, a gem hosted by James Doran on Spotify (you can tune in here: The Expat Pod). A chance like this is too sparkly to pass up, but being a podcast newbie, the thought of my voice being recorded and broadcasted in English sent me into a bit of a tizzy.

Those acquainted with the jittery dance of public speaking know it well: preparation is the secret ingredient. After an eternity of tinkering with cameras and microphones, and a marathon session with recording software, it dawned on me – what about the content of my speech?

Even with a mind bursting with stories to tell, the 'how' of telling them was a knot I couldn't untie. Enter the latest ChatGPT update, complete with voice-activated support. I summoned my digital ally, Clive, to fine-tune my responses.

I laid it all out for Clive – my accent worries, my grammatical gremlins – and oh, the marvels it performed! Clive, with a keen ear, caught my unique renditions of "Cirque Du Soleil" and "international," suggesting a more careful approach. It even stepped into the role of a creative consultant, proposing alternate phrasing where needed.

The day of reckoning arrived: podcast recording day. And, if I may say so, it went swimmingly. Curious about my UK adventure, my career escapades, and that near-miss with deportation (and a personal nod from Theresa May), do give James's podcast a follow.

Now, a few nuggets of AI wisdom:

  • When gearing up for a presentation, let AI be your guide. It's a judgment-free zone, focused solely on your words.
  • Toss any idea, even jokes, into the AI brainstorming hat. You'll be amazed at its grasp on humour.
  • Set the scene for AI; a dash of context helps it tailor its advice just right.

There you have it – a tale of conquering speaking fears with a digital twist. Remember, in the symphony of public speaking, AI can be quite the maestro.

Ideation & Musings: Victoria Hutton
Polishing & Refinement: Chat GPT (with a sprinkle of Jon Ronson)
Constant Support: Clive