Lead Generation for Inspired Recruitment Day
Transformed recruitment challenges into opportunities, boosting teacher engagement and sign-ups through strategic digital marketing.
Faced with the challenge of filling over 100 teaching positions, Inspired Group needed an innovative approach to attract a large pool of qualified candidates for their recruitment events in Dublin and London. The main objective was to boost event awareness and registrations, leveraging the group's reputation but overcoming geographical and competitive constraints.
«Inspired Education Group is a global network of premium private schools offering innovative, holistic education for students aged 1 to 18, with a strong emphasis on personalised learning, academic excellence, and extensive extracurricular opportunities, operating in over 24 countries»
Victoria Hutton
Marketing Consultant
Inspired Education Group, King's College School, The Bahamas
To tackle these challenges, we rolled out a solid multi-channel digital marketing strategy. Here's the lowdown:
  • EMAIL MARKETING: We crafted personalised email campaigns aimed at our database of educators, highlighting the perks and prospects of the event.
  • GOOGLE ADS: We set up targeted search ads with keywords zeroing in on teaching jobs and global career chances.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: We launched vibrant campaigns across Meta and TikTok, packed with eye-catching visuals and persuasive copy to hook the younger crowd and tech-savvy educators.
It might sound like common sense, but I want to emphasise the importance of personalising your message for both the reader and the channel.
Victoria Hutton
Marketing Consultant
Inspired Education Group, PaRK International School, Portugal
It might sound like common sense, but I want to emphasise the importance of personalising your message for both the reader and the channel. When we communicated via email, we focused solely on delivering essential information. Our email recipients had already learned everything they needed to know about the event before registering their interest. There was no need to reiterate the event details and why they should attend. Instead, we concentrated on practical information like how to get to the venue, the agenda for the day, and potential questions guests might consider asking during the event.

The campaign significantly exceeded expectations:

  • We hit a registration total of 1,341 for Dublin and 1,220 for London, both surpassing our target figures.
  • Engagement rates soared to 37.88% in Dublin and 31.69% in London, showing we were getting some really high-quality interactions.
  • The clever use of analytics allowed for real-time tweaks, which maximised our ROI and guaranteed the campaign's success.
Inspired Education Group, Preschool at St. Matthew's Grimm, designed renowned luxury designers of San Miguel Arquitectos
This campaign didn’t just meet its goals; it exceeded them. With 1,341 registrations in Dublin and 1,220 in London, and engagement rates of 37.88% and 31.69%, the campaign was a clear success. We met the objective set by Inspired to secure over 300 qualified candidates for the event. On the day, face-to-face interviews took place, and follow-up calls were scheduled. My role in leading these efforts, from planning to execution, highlights my commitment to delivering effective digital marketing for educational recruitment. This case study underscores the strategy and adaptability that achieved these strong results.