Trick or Treat: When Choosing is the Spookiest Game in Town

Every day, I wake up contemplating my next move in life, faced with an array of choices. Take career options, for example. One day, I'll stumble upon Steven Bartlett's triumph with DOF and feel an overwhelming urge to drop everything and launch my own marketing empire.

On another day, my one focus becomes excelling in my current role, taking it step by step.
Then comes an evening squandered on social media, and suddenly, I'm convinced I should become a blogger with millions of followers. One question that remains is the theme of the blog.

9.8 million employed people are actively looking for a new role every day in the UK.

So why are so many of us searching but yet to find our true calling?

Well, there's a slew of factors affecting our readiness to make choices.

  • Making the Right Choice: The mental overload we experience when confronted with a myriad of options often leads to 'analysis paralysis' - a debilitating inability to make decisions.
  • The Illusion of Abundance: In modern life, we're inundated with what seems like boundless options, whether in careers, relationships, or consumer goods. This illusory excess can make committing to any single course of action a Herculean task.
  • Fear of Making the Wrong Choice: The dread of making an irreversible mistake or facing regret often paralyses us. This fear can deter us from making any decision at all, leaving us marooned in our current circumstances.
  • The Opportunity Cost: When we opt for one path, we naturally forgo others. The toll of missing out on these other opportunities can weigh heavily on us, further complicating the decision-making process.

To combat these, you might consider:


The essence of this ghastly tale isn't to frighten you into decision-making paralysis, but rather to arm you with the tools to conquer these mental bogeymen. The answer isn't to avoid choice, but to embrace it fully, albeit with a mindful approach.

Through methods like prioritisation, time management, and mindfulness exercises, we can inoculate ourselves against the paralysis that choice can instigate. So the next time you find yourself scrolling through LinkedIn, inspired but indecisive, remember: The key to what lies ahead might seem spookier than a haunted house, but unlike those ephemeral horrors, the decisions you make have lasting impact to the future you.

The Haunted Hall of Credits
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